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Membership Options

Glenbrooke's private facility offers a tranquil setting for individuals or families to enjoy summer.  We are the only private swim and tennis club in the area without an initiation fee or bond.

Membership Options:          

Family (All Inclusive) – Consists of 2 adults residing together in a household over the age of eighteen (18) and their children residing in the household to full Club privileges. Grandparents are considered honorary members, and have full access to the Club. All weekday lessons and teams, as well as full use of the pools, tennis courts and club grounds is included in the dues. Optional participation on the CAAPSC swim team, dive team, or tennis team may require a nominal activity fee.

Family (Part-Time/Limited) - This membership provides families with another option.  This membership does not include any lesson or team participation.  Use of the pool, tennis courts and club grounds is included.  Pool and Tennis court use is restricted to certain hours due to lack of availability while programs are in session.  Please call for more information about restrictions.

Couple (All Inclusive) – Any two family members living under the same roof who are over the age of eighteen. These members have full use of the pool, tennis courts and club grounds as well as all weekday adult lessons and activities.

Single (All Inclusive) – Any individual over the age of eighteen.  This member has full use of the pool, tennis courts and club grounds as well as all weekday adult lessons and activities.

Junior Sport (All Inclusive)  – This membership was designed for the high school student who wants to continue to develop their swimming and tennis skills.  Our coaches focus on an athlete's development in the pool or on the court, while stressing good sportsmanship.  This is a great alternative to a sports camp because our membership lasts all summer.  Individuals must be ages 14-18 (grade 8 going into 9, grade 12 going into college).  All weekday lessons and teams as well as full use of the pool, tennis courts and club grounds are included.

Season Weekend Pool Pass (Limited Use) – NEW MEMBER SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR 2017 - LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE.  This membership is for use of the pool only on weekends only during 2017 season. Tennis court use is not included.  No lessons or teams are included.  PLEASE CALL FOR RATES.


QUESTIONS?  Fill out the online Inquiry Form and our Membership Coordinator

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